Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Steampunk has... WINGS!

Quoting from wikepedia,  Steampunk is most directly influenced by, and often adopts the style of, the 19th century scientific romances of writers Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and Mary Shelley.  Their works often feature the Victorian Era or the Wild West Era where steam engines are still widely used and mixed with elements of science fiction and fantasy.  I guess, Steampunk jewelry can be often inspired by such literary style.  Sounds interesting, right?

What actually inspired me to do steampunk style jewelries are my bookworm cyber friends (Ciela and Tina) who requested a steampunk angel inspired by Cassandra Clare’s Novel entitled “Clockwork Angel.”    There was a slight hesitation at first but fearlessly, I said YES! The project had finally tapped my creative nerve and I was able to finish more than one version of the steampunk angel project. Look how they evolved:

The  1st version of the clockwork angel was not so steampunky:  I didn't have gears then. I just used some jump rings, chains and spacers.

2nd Version: The design was submitted by my client Ciela and I made the execution now with gears!

The ring version of the wings. =)

3rd Version: This is the version i made for my hubby's cousin residing in Dubai, UAE. 

My style doesn’t bear that steam engine look but I guess it will always have that Victorian feel.  I just love how I layered the gears in this necklace and portrayed some switching motion.

I’ve made quite a lot of steampunk works and some are Christi Friesen inspired. I love Christi’s works and I have her book “Steampunkery” to help me kick-start my creativity.  You can check her works at:

Here are some of my CF inspired works:

CF inspired slave bangle
CF inspired bangle
The heart here was CF inspired. This key-chain was given to a Filipino celebrity, Billy Crawford.

CF's moth goes steampunky!

Today, the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild concluded its valentine challenge: “Create a Heart with A Steampunk Theme.” My original plan was to actually make an anatomical heart. My last minute decision to join the challenge made me realize that I lack all the time to do it. I just let my hands played with gears and some reclaimed watch parts, scrap clays and voila… it gave me that steampunk look in no time!

It's romantic...

It's steampunk... It flies 'coz...

It has WINGS!!! =)

Love, free as air at sight of human ties, 
Spreads his light wings, and in a moment flies. – Alexander Pope

You can check the entries of other guild members by again clicking the logo on the right side of this page. ENJOY! 


  1. Such a treasure! Your works never fail to surprise me... ang ganda ang super linis! I really admire you -- not just for your works but also for your very kind personality. :-)

    *hugs all the way from Manila :-D

  2. thank you peachy for the kind words. i'm excited to meet you soon! =)

  3. Hi, how much are you asking for the clockwork angel necklace po, the second one? :)

  4. hi! they are all sold out! thank you!

  5. Where can we purchase your jewelry?

  6. hi robert jones! you can add me on facebook.