Thursday, July 19, 2012


Sometimes, all it takes is just one photo to make a statement....

Isn't she fab? She's my very good friend Jhoi and the owner of  Enjhoi with Clay where she displays her polymer clay masterpieces. I made the necklace she's wearing but she also makes lots of beautiful statement pieces out of polymer clay. She's very artsy, a woman of class and appreciates lots of details... but above all she's one generous friend, a confidant and I'm just so blessed to have her! =)

Here's a collage of her masterpieces... "Enjhoi!"

Her mixes of colors and elements in one piece are just brilliant! =)

By the way, here's me wearing one of her works and with my pretty sister-in-law. =)

TGIF! Wishing everyone a great weekend! =)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Flower Power!!!

It’s been definitely an interesting few months for me and I made a handful floral statement pieces. I know of a Romanian polymer clay artist who also makes 3D flowers whose name is Herina Bysoos. I love her flowers and I decided to make my own version. Hers looks fresh and mine is a little stylized.  I don’t know why but even if it’s my own work, I am still amazed with how I manage to sculpt each petal to a blossoming piece.  It’s totally a process… prompting some neck and back pain but it’s a fun creative process! Haha! You really need a lot of patience. The process starts of course with having a real flower inspiration (a photo will do) which I shape using polymer clay. Sometimes though, my imagination which is just laying there… stirred in its sleep… will start murmuring and my hands will begin molding what I call my “stylized” flowers… and that’s where the fun part begins!!! 
The curly flower with buds is imaginary.. =)
looks really nice on the wrist =)
I love my roses and the tinges of gold on it.. =)

There's the Cattleya on the side =)
The Cattleya flower is more obvious here... =)

You'll definitely make a statement! =)

A dainty cattleya locket.. =)
A rose bib necklace for my fab friend "Jhoi." Just wait 'till she wears it and it will totally look more fab! 

Can you spot that stylized flower adorned with filigree and rhinestone?  I just realized that silver with a tinge of color purple and a gold-copperish tone colors would go so nicely together! 

I hope you've enjoyed my flower power pieces! Have fun and be creative! Thanks for reading!