Thursday, February 9, 2012

Artful Inchies

I am part of the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild also dubbed as P3. It is the guild’s requirement to join quarterly challenges to hone our skills and keep us inspired. This month’s challenge is all about INCHIES.  Quoting from the guild’s definition: An "INCHIE" is a small piece of art; a snippet of self-expression. We’re required to express ourselves by making four (4) separate inchies. Oh well, I have to admit that this challenge is pretty intimidating at first and it’s not as easy as it seems. On my part, any attempt to define the kind of a polymer clay artist that I am is already a challenging task. Hence, those four (4) little squares though little as they are, should not fail me…  

I started the challenge by examining my works and by collating some common design elements. I found out that I like wings, steampunk, flowers, romantic images, vintage, rustic but vibrant colours.  I love mixing clay with anything that may end up with a tasteful, bold, and yet feminine piece.  I made some squiggles on paper to compose my ideas and decided to try out some techniques I’ve long wanted to do.

 Just look at what I've came up with:

Techniques used: Metal leaf, Alcohol Inks, Mokume Gane, Steampunk and Faux Cloisonne.  The later is the newest technique that I've tried and was inspired by Eugena Topina. 

I hope that I was successful enough in embodying my work through those four little squares. But I swear….  I’ve managed to complete this challenge with a smile! =)

The entries of the other guild members will be posted on our guild page soon! The guild's logo on the right-hand side will lead you to our Facebook page. Just click it, like it and enjoy! =)

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