Monday, January 23, 2012


Hello! I’m Ghie.  I love to work with my hands. Crafting is something I do to express myself. As I start this blog, I couldn’t help but think of my Mom. My mom, hands down, is the craftiest person I know. When I was a kid, she would sew beautiful clothes I would wear for school programs and special occasions. She used to design carpets and curtains at home. With such an early influence from my mom, I started crafting as a little girl by making my own dolls and Barbie’s clothes out of scrap fabrics.  As far as I remember, I already did any and all kinds of crafts like cross stitch, paper tole, crochet, embroidery, beading, scrap booking, etc.  I even made everything decorative on my wedding day. Right now, I’m really loving polymer clay art and photography, but once in a while I would still dabble in embroidery and scrap booking (now digital scrap booking).

Crafting… some have a gift for it and I’m thankful I have. Aside from the creative outlet that crafting can give, I find a lot of value in something I made…

First, I get appreciated when I give something handmade to my friends and relatives. I feel proud when people compliment my work.

Second, I earn money by selling my crafts. It’s something I do as a hobby and turned into a lucrative business.  On May of 2010, I opened a humble trinket store I named, “Trinket Tales (hence, the name of this blog).” I sell handmade accessories made of polymer clay mixed with other raw materials like beads and metal findings.  

Third, I come to know new friends by conducting workshops and meet fellow crafters.

Fourth, crafting has allowed me to write.   I am a Chemist by profession and not a writer.  My sentences and phrases are made of atoms and molecules, thus, I struggle with words. So please forgive me for some grammatical errors. Trinket Tales is where I will embellish your world with my crafts and anything and everything about life that is worth sharing! =)


  1. Hello Ghie!!! Let me the first to comment and say welcome to blogland!!! I will definitely be reading your blog entries!!!