Monday, April 23, 2012

Kate’s list and more…

Here’s another wearable art piece for Kate but this time it’s for the real Kate! Kate happens to be the daughter of my client from whom she named her facebook account. I guess you’ve read about it in my previous blog post. I have received an email from her with her picture and a list of her favorite things. I find her list really cute with her own handwriting and drawing in it. She wants a fairy locket necklace from me and I’m happy that it’s not the chibi-ish type. Kid’s stuff is my waterloo. I really have no qualms in making kid’s jewelleries but I just feel that they are all the same fairytale looking characters that I'm not good at. Whenever I receive requests to design something for my clients’ kids (usually the chibi-ish type), these are the moments I wish I live in Cinderella’s time when I can ask fairy godmother to lend me her magic wand. Haha! 

This is her cute list and her email says:  "Dear Tita Ghie,
This is me after swimming. I like my mommys necklace. Please make one for me."-Kate 
I’m thankful that she sent me her photo (not posted here, hehe) where I can take at least a glimpse of who she is.  Her Mom  knows  that I rely on impressions, photos, writings, drawings, etc. in order create pieces that would reflect my client’s taste (btw, this is the 6th time i custom made for her. ).  This is the fairy locket necklace I made for Kate: 

"uuuu... the fairy is shinny!!!" -Kate 
I used a glittery background for this.. =)

A splash of her favorite colors...
"WOOOOWWWWW! Looks really beautiful, Tita Ghie! I love it."- Kate

I also made another Hunger Games inspired Dandelion Cuff for her Mom. I experimented on gold inks to mimic the metal looking base and I’m very happy with the outcome. 

Hunger Games Dandelion Cuff
Design Elements: Dandelion, Tracker jackers, Night lock berries on a faux metal looking twigs base

I wanna share also my third version of the Mockingjay Necklace I made for my co-artist Cathy of Crafter’s Luck. This is for her 13 year-old daughter so I made the details a little modest and the design not overpowering. 

And this is me on the beach, hehehe… Have a happy work week everyone!!! 


  1. Not just pretty, super talented pa! Super magical hands...
    I am so happy to have you, Rocky and Jen as my clay mentors... Love na love ku kau! IMY!

  2. Thank you Peach! Love din kita. You're such a sweet and thoughtful friend. Thank you for trusting me. IMY too! =)