Tuesday, April 17, 2012


It’s the name of her facebook account and not her real name. She’s a client whom I find interesting. When I do custom made pieces for clients, I usually check their facebook profiles and make something appropriate based on personal impression, but her facebook profile is blank and I have only seen her photo twice. Before I start working on her pieces, she just sends me amazing quotes and inspirations… a “moodboard” of some sort and I can instantly feel that she’s naturally classy (in my opinion)! I just love her taste! Let me share with you some of the pieces I made for her and her lovely feedbacks. I’ve got a lot from her which turns me giddy at times…

"Your work really reflects your personal touch.. it really looks like inspired art. And it does reflect the time and thought invested in each piece. " - Kate

This is the first personalized piece i made for Kate..

"Hi Ghie.. Wow! Wow! Wow! I adore the locket.. It is so me! Its like you read me like a book! Super thanks!"- Kate

"The aquamarine necklace you made for me with the lady sitting on a rock near the beach is still my all time fave. 
Aside from the recent gun metal necklace you made for me with our picture on it . "-Kate

Yes, that's her and her cute kids.. I blurred it a bit to protect her privacy.. =)

"Wow, I love the details.. You should also take a picture of the back of your works. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw your handiwork @ the back of my son's bag tag and my daughter's pendant. BTW, you were right about my necklace.. it is simple yet elegant... " - Kate

Among the pieces I made for her, this set was the most challenging. It took a lot of thinking on how i will be able to put all all elements together in one cohesive look.. they're too many! Not only that, I need to interpret the quotations she gave me. She wanted pieces that will remind her of the most significant message she got from a retreat. It made me inspired all the more,  knowing that I'm becoming part of her personal journey. =) 

"Healing Necklace"
"Healing can only start when you see the beauty in yourself and not just the woundedness."

Meaningful elements:
woundedness: rose

hope: anchor
love: heart
joy: bells
peace: dove or bird
courage: fleur de lis
hope: anchor 

Breathe in - mentally think: " I am a flower."
Breathe out - mentally think: " I am fresh"

Breathe in - mentally think: "I am a mountain"
Breathe out - mentally think: "I am strong."

"I am crystal water"
"I reflect things clearly"

"I am space"
"I am free"

"I accept"
"I let go"

"My MTO necklace and cuff is "lovelier in person". Wore both pieces already this afternoon.   "- Kate

This is the hunger game inspired necklace i made for her. I made a version that I thought would suit her style...

"Ghie! You never fail to surprise me!!! I love every single work of art you have created for me." - Kate

I made some cane flowers that represented "Katniss on fire" 

Thank you Kate for your unending trust.  I'm so proud to have an awesome client like you.  You inspired me to keep going and create more...Looking forward to working with your pieces again... =)


  1. Your work really amaze me Ms. Ghie! I love your style, every details in every piece you create inspires me. Take Care and Hope to see more of your works here!

    Sheryl Contridas

  2. Thank you sheryl! I hope to meet you soon.. please come home! =)

  3. Oh Ghie, I wish we can do it sooner! I want to meet you as well....Master! Hihi^__^

  4. sheryl, i'm not a master! i still have a lot to learn... thanks! =)