Tuesday, October 9, 2012

ABS October Challenge

The ABS October challenge painting inspiration is an art piece by Kurt Schwitters “Revolving.” Circles and lines are dominant in the painting but what is amazing is its assemblage decorated with splashes of earthy organic tones. I am not particularly fond of geometric styled art work and the painting isn’t really appealing to me but I see myself taking an exciting challenge… that is, perceiving an inspiration that is less appealing.  Haha!

Here's what I've made:

Two months ago, I purchased some Helen Breil Stamps and I thought that the textures in the stamps would be perfect for this month’s challenge. I focused on the lines and circles in the painting and pulled some interesting color mixes from the palette. The challenging part here was the handling of colors from the palette to complete the elegance I want for the project since most of the colors in the painting are repeats or with little variation.  I ended up mixing polymer clay colors achieving some hues of teal, medium blue, dark blue, brown, and dark green and of course I love the touches of metallic bronze and gold for an added contrast. I came up with a floral statement piece made with polymer clay capturing the circles and lines by stamping on the individually sculpted polymer clay flower petals.  I made the assemblage asymmetric (conforming to the minimal asymmetry I noticed in the painting) and that I thought would have been enough but the addition of rhinestones and filigrees instantly added elegance. 

I had fun doing stamped flower petals with my new set of stamps and i 'm lovin' the asymmetric style assemblage which i  thought would drape beautifully on anyone's neck so i made another one:

Thanks for reading and... STAY INSPIRED!!! =)


  1. I love Helen's stamps, Ghie, and you have made beautiful use of them for your gorgeous creations!

  2. I admire these necklaces, so beautiful!

  3. hi monique! yes, i enjoy working with her stamps too. thanks for dropping. 😊

  4. aawww.. tahnk you bohemiana..

  5. your work is always wonderful! great job with the challenge ghie :)